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Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

A third candidate has thrown her hat into the race for the Ward 5 School Committee seat as of Sunday. This will force a primary before the final election and it's looking like Ward 1 will also see a primary as Matt McLaughlin from Save our Somerville fame was announced as a candidate for Ward 1 Alderman at Mark Niedergang's kick-off. Rumors are still floating that a third candidate is still considering a run for Ward 5 Alderman, but hasn't made it official. There's still plenty of time before papers have to be pulled. Keep up with the latest over at our ongoing election conversation.

Big Thanks to the Chamber of Commerce for highlighting my Op-Ed on Magoun Square in their index, recently. I was happy to be included in this very informative feature that serves residents and business owners alike. Magoun has come a long way and I'm happy more and more people are learning about it through difference information streams throughout the City.

April is panning out to be the month for the first Magoun Square United Listserv meet and greet, hosted by Daddy Jones Bar and sponsored by Ward 5 Online. I will be sending out a definite date (Tuesday or Wednesday night) for all of us to meet! Thanks to everyone who responded back, interested in seeing this happen.

February 28th marked my last day with my 2012 residential parking sticker. The previous sticker was clear and circular with the new ones square with a white backing.

 How do you like them?

The Somerville Commissions are now blogging, keeping residents and readers up to date on all the awesome work they're doing with the numerous communities throughout the city. Be sure to check it out!


Anonymous said...

I like the new stickers I just don't like how much they cost LOL

Anonymous said...

stickers are ok

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the meet & greet! Wednesdays are good for me.

Anonymous said...

commissions blog is cool--I like it