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Monday, March 25, 2013

Traffic Commission Recap

The Traffic Commission, chaired by DPW Commissioner Stan Koty, approved a few Ward 5 items that included Hubway Bicycle Station changes in Ball Square and bus stop relocations in Magoun Square.

The Hubway Bicycle Station that was formerly located in front of True Grounds in Ball Square will be reinstalled in the first two parking spots on Bristol Road. In its place, the bicycle corral from Eat at Jumbo’s will be installed, gaining one parking spot in the Square. A new 15-minute parking spot was recently approved for the Square to assist businesses.

A turning restriction from Medford Street onto Glenwood road from 4-6pm that has been piloted since December of 2012 was formally adopted last night by the commission as the traffic and parking department has received no complaints from residents. Glenwood road is located in between Partridge and Bartlett and runs from Broadway to Vernon Street. This issue was brought before the Board of Aldermen by Ward 5 Alderman Sean O’Donovan at their December 13th, 2012 meeting (legislative number 194042) where it was approved before being referred to the Traffic Commission at the January 10th meeting.

Bus stop consolidations on Medford Street from Broadway to Partridge Avenue have resulted in the consolidation of four stops total in Magoun Square. The two new stops are located at the corner of Trull and Medford Street and directly across the street from K2 Beer and Wine near Norwood Avenue. The former bus stop at the corner of Lowell and Medford Streets has been designated as a 15-minute parking spot to assist quick-stop businesses in Magoun Square. This was also piloted since September 2012 and was approved for permanent implementation at last night’s meeting.

The bus stop consolidations are part of an ongoing effort between Magoun Square business owners and advocates along with City/Elected Officials to creatively solve the square’s parking capacity problem. Time limited loading zones and properly distanced parking meters also assisted in creating more spaces for Magoun Square businesses.

The Traffic Commission meets on every third Thursday of the month at the TAB building in between Davis and Teele Square.

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