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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Deanna Cremin Square. Photographer Unknown
Walk Deanna Home this Saturday, March 30 at 5 p.m. starting at the Winter Hill School upper schoolyard off Sycamore.

Family and friends of Deanna Cremin will march the streets of Somerville once again in the hopes of generating new leads that may lead to the arrest of her murderer.

This time we will symbolically walk Deanna ALL OF THE WAY home, passing where her boyfriend claims to have left her the night she was murdered. We will rally at the upper Winter Hill schoolyard and March up Sycamore St. to Broadway stopping at Deanna’s boyfriends house at the time of the murder (419 Broadway).

We will make a brief stop pausing for a short moment of silence then making our way back down Broadway going left onto Main St. and taking a right onto Moreland St. then right onto Heath Street. Continuing down Heath with another brief at the corner of Heath and Bond St. (the halfway point where her boyfriend said he left her that night).

From there we will go down Bond making a left onto Jacques St. pausing at the Elderly complex and then on down Jacques to Deanna’s old house parting ways from there returning to our cars. Family and friends of Deanna hope you will march with them in memory of that tragic night.

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