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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Yeah, City of Somerville, Pencil Us In!

Ward 2 Alderwoman Maryann Heuston submitted a late board order at the March 14th meeting of the BOA, requesting that the Director of Communications add to the online city calendar a listing for a neighborhood meeting whenever requested by any member of this Board. If approved, this could expand the City's reach to residents who may not hear of a meeting or receive a flyer because they are not within the abutter boundaries and increase transparency. The City's reverse-311 system does not include neighborhood meeting announcements.

The calendar, found as a large tab at the bottom of the City of Somerville's homepage, features meetings of all commissions, boards, and elected bodies along with Library news and special events. Including neighborhood meetings on this calendar would also allow residents to download the meeting information right to their personal calendars on smart phones and tablets simply by clicking the small calendar at the bottom right.

This calendar inclusion on the homepage was part of a major website overhaul that took place in 2011. The new and improved website was presented to the Board of Alderman by Daniel Hadley during a Thursday night meeting.

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