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Friday, April 19, 2013

An Important Message from the City of Somerville...

The following information is being sent to all Somerville residents after careful and ongoing discussions with law enforcement personnel, and will be updated as necessary throughout the day.

Due to an ongoing manhunt in the Boston area, state authorities have shut down the MBTA and issued a shelter-in-place advisory for a number of surrounding towns. At this time, Somerville has NOT been included in the advisory, but we ask that Somerville residents observe the shelter-in-place advisory. If possible, please stay home, keep doors locked, and do not open the door for anyone other than identified law enforcement officials.

Please also limit travel as much as possible. State authorities do not perceive a threat to our community, and residents are not required to remain in their homes, but please use common sense and stay tuned to area news sources for updates. Please also be aware that residents in the cities of Boston, Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Cambridge, Brookline, and Allston-Brighton have been advised to remain in their homes and lock their doors. Businesses in these areas have also been advised to remain closed.

Again, authorities consider the City of Somerville to be safe and NOT under any immediate threat. Somerville Police will remain vigilant, and will monitor the situation throughout the day. If and when we receive more information, we will notify you as necessary.

For updates, please refer to the Boston news media, or to the City Facebook and Twitter feeds. Thank you, and please be safe.

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