Monday, April 1, 2013

Modelo Butcher Market to Open Today

The Modelo Butcher Market, located at 501 Medford Street in Magoun Square, is open today! This is another new business in a string of businesses that have opened up shop in Magoun, including a beer and wine store, hairdresser, and alterations/dry cleaning service.

Featuring cold cuts, fruits, meats, and seafood, the former Cara Donna location has undergone a massive interior and exterior renovation throughout the winter for today's opening.

Going? Let me know how it is by commenting below!


Spencer said...

Definitely going! Will be great to have a nearby place to buy meat. I hope the veggies & fruit are fresh too - photos look promising..

Jamie said...

I went today with my daughter, and everyone was really nice! They have Boars Head meat which is delicious, and I also saw alligator meat in the freezer! Looks really great on the inside.

Ward Five said...

I stopped by after $8 fish taco plates at Olde Magoun's.

I find the prices to be very reasonable! Does everyone agree?

Jamie said...

Absolutely, completely reasonable prices. Worth a trip. I'm so happy to have this place right down the street.