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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Word Around the Ward


Modelo Butcher Market is getting rave reviews on the Ward 5 Online Facebook page with residents impressed with the cleanliness, selection and prices of Magoun Square’s newest storefront. I, of course, went up there on Monday for my dinner items including a piece of chicken, spinach, and chives-all under $6. Can’t beat that!

Somerville’s Spring Clean Up will be happening on Saturday April 27th, starting at 10am. Please join me along the Community Path as we help beautify the City!

The Word around the Ward is buzzing with political speculation as names for Ward races are popping up. At this time, no incumbent has announced that they are not running for reelection, but May will narrow the field down as nomination papers are pulled during this month. Be sure to comment what you have heard in the ongoing conversation here on the website.

Mayor Joe Curtatone is putting his two cents in on the topic of wage theft with a submitted ordinance at tonight’s Board of Aldermen meeting. Read the draft of the document and offer your opinion in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Hey Court:

Fill us in: what's going on with the Ward 5 Alderman resigning, and asking that you be named to fill out the rest of his term; and (you)possibly to oppose Neidergang come election time??

Courtney said...

My apologies for not addressing this-

Sean resigned citing family and professional commitments and recommended me to take his place on the Board of Aldermen.

On Wednesday 4/17 at 7pm, I will stand before the Confirmation of Appointments Committee for a formal conversation and to see if they recommend my approval to the full board which will meet at 8pm.

Regardless of their decision, I will continue to advocate for the residents of Ward 5 and will run for the seat in November.

I hope this clears things up.

~Courtney O'Keefe