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Monday, May 27, 2013

Davis Square Flea Returns June 2!

Currently, Davis Square is already known for its many unique retail stores and restaurants. The Davis Flea has become one of the most exciting entertainment and retail attractions in Davis Square. Dealers sell vintage, collectibles, repurposed and antique merchandise, which is curated and approved by The Davis Flea.
In 2013, The Davis Flea will feature live music performances, DJs spinning vinyl, as well as fresh brewed coffee and snacks provided by local artisans in the all-new Davis Flea Cafe. Customer’s can purchase fresh produce from local farmers.
Rather than focusing on selling new products and crafts, we focus on the concept of  “reclaiming and repurposing” that of which we already have. The latter part of The Davis Flea’s motto is: “rediscover, reconnect” as The Davis Flea is a source of entertainment for the community and an opportunity for people to gather and reconnect while drawing people from other communities as well.
The Davis Flea will boost the surrounding businesses with an increase in added foot traffic. Some local businesses are involved in a cross promotion campaign of this community event. In an effort to further strengthen the community, The Davis Flea provides booth space within the flea market for community organizations, local farmers and non-profits.
The Davis Flea is co-managed by partners Greg Ghazil, Jason Metz and Maureen Nuccitelli. All three partners have roots tied to Davis Square and a mission to make The Davis Flea the hot event of the week during the ongoing season.

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