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Monday, May 13, 2013

Important Meetings on Tuesday!

The Legislative Matters Committee continues conversations on the proposed ban on polystyrene containers this Tuesday May 14th at 6pm in the Committee Room (second floor) of City Hall. This ordinance is among an 11 item agenda that also includes the Linkage Program creation and a request that re-affirms its longstanding policies in support of all immigrants, and expresses its support for comprehensive immigration reform that combines a path to permanent status for immigrants already here with the humane enforcement of our nation's borders.

The Board of Aldermen will then gather for a 7:30pm Special Meeting to honor a Public Hearing request on on filling interim BOA vacancies, pursuant to Section 8 of the City Charter. This Public Hearing was requested by 140 registered voters and will take place in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall. This is legislative item number 194908. The Board of Aldermen recently met, as a whole, and had a great discussion on changing the rules of the Board to have a more predictable process in filling a vacant when there is less than a year left on the term. The recommended process has been published on the City's Meeting Portal for public review. This is legislative item number 194191, and is number 3a on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting.

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Unknown said...

As a Somerville homeowner and registered voter, I'm glad you made the cut before the change is potentially made. I can't wait to vote for you!!