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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ResiStat Recap: Four Ways To Rid Your Property of Rodents!

Touching on a subject that has received big focus this year, Goran Smiljic (new ISD Director) laid out ways that residents can ‘evict’ rodents from their property.

Pointing out that rat’s teeth grow 5 inches a year forcing the critters to have a need to eat to prevent growth, the best approach is to starve them. Keeping barrels closed and secured with tightly tied trash bags can prevent rats from rummaging through trash for food. This also includes containers of rain water. Mesh coverings can help you catch the water for gardens and prevent rats from keeping hydrated.

Keeping your property clean and grass height to a minimum can also force rats to look elsewhere for food eventually dying of starvation.

These tips are also very important for restaurants to follow, as well! Should you see opportunities for rats to live rent-free in your neighborhood, call 311 with exact locations, so enforcement can be made to evict these unwanted tenants!

The next ResiStat recap will cover Crime Stats in Ward 5.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Also, rats have an aversion to catnip, and the smell of cayote urine which can be bought in New Hampshire, but very expensive.

And if you live near a city park, due to people not throwing food left-overs in barrels provided, rats are attracted.

It's a "race" as to rats, squirrels or birds who will get to the left-overs first.

Of course most of the city provided barrels are absent covers so doesn't matter, left-overs on the ground or in a barrel, the critters get to eat.

Odd thing about the city barrels absent covers; try doing without barrel covers in your own backyard; if observed by the ISD people, answering to the boss ISD person (above post) and you will get ticketed---believe it's a $50.00 fine