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Monday, July 15, 2013

Clean Up of Henry Hanson Park Set for Saturday

Neighbors of Henry Hanson Park will be meeting this Saturday, July 20th, from 8-11am to clean the park and surrounding grounds. Anyone interested in helping can meet at the park, located on the corner of Partridge Avenue and Medford Street at 8am.


Anonymous said...

I wish "they" would "clean-up" Albion Park.
By "clean-up" is meant all the "activity" that goes on there late nights and early morning hours.
Drinking, drugs, noise, etc.

Hey Courtney,can you get a police directed patrol going at Albion; once or twice walk through, both dark hour police shifts??

Albion Street impacted neighbors are getting fed up with the problems at the park.

Alderman Courtney O'Keefe said...


I just asked for directed patrols. Please keep me posted!

~Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

Thanks just got my household & others vote.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Courtney.

Anonymous said...

Albion, recently renovated, is a beautiful playground for kids of all ages; particularly with the sray showers during these hot weather days, benches for adult sitting, etc.

But, those undesirables who frequent the park after the park is closed; their activities leaving things that have been found there such as broken glass, cigarette butts, needles,empty bottles, cans, etc., plus the abuse wear and tear on the equipment such as the small kids swings, and skate boarders; all will serve to shorten the life of this nice playground.

To say nothing about the neighbors sleep being disturbed.
People who have to get up and go to work the next morning. While the rabble-rousers, who come from God knows where, get to sleep all the next day.
Many of them arriving by car.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. The only way we can keep these parks safe and clean is to keep the rabble-rousers out at night. Thankfully Courtney is here to help got my vote too!

Anonymous said...

I was at the opening dedication of Albion Playground.

Several politicians, including Mayor Curtatone, made speeches telling the so many words: ....."this is your park,please take care of it."

Well, resients are willing but can only do so much during daylight hours. Without follow-up by the parks department, and the police during off-hours, our hands are tied.
Gotta say, the parks department does a good job.
With the police, it appears not high (understandably) on their priority list.

The park is posted with signs:
1)--10:00 PM closing
2)--No smoking
3)--No dogs allowed. (Meaning
leashed or unleashed.)
and, of course, no alcohol!

All beg enforcement!

Anonymous said...


Per your request to keep you posted on Albion Park; to my knowledge, no after 10:00 PM problems the last week and a half.
Hope it continues.

Alderman Courtney O'Keefe said...

Dear Anonymous,

That is music to my ears! I am going to ask for an update from the SPD to see if anyone was cited, as well. I would like to see this continue going forward and will work to make sure that happens.

Also, there is a lot of construction happening on Albion Street. Could you please keep in touch with me with any concerns or issues with that? You can leave a comment here or email me at CKOKeefe@Gmail.Com. I will be doing some walk-throughs this weekend. Should you see me, please feel free to say, "hi."

Thank you,
Courtney O'Keefe

Anonymous said...

The problem with the Albion Street reconstruction, a do-over of street and sidewalks, from Central to Cedar, albeit very much needed, is that the street is historically one-way west to east.

That in itself is not a problem when the street is absent reconstruction work, meaning: there is a problem when closed down due to reconstruction.

Because any driver, commercial or otherwise, more so drivers not familiar with the neighborhood, wanting to get to Cedar--west to east-- from Lowell Street, cannot use Hudson because Hudson is 1-way east to west. A portion of Alpine is also 1-way east to west.

With Albion closed, from Highland Avenue, for a driver going north on Lowell, there is no way a driver can get to Cedar Street until he/she hits Medford Street @ Magoun Square, then Broadway to Cedar.

Not an easy task for persons not familiar with Somerville. Delivery and home service trucks primarily.

And last time I looked there was a lack of detour signs to help out even drivers familiar with the streets.

Anonymous said...

Corrections from the last poster re the last post

.....from Lowell to Cedar EAST TO WEST.

Hudson is 1-way WEST TO EAST.
Alpine, portion of, is 1-way WEST TO EAST.

All above were flipped, in error, on the original post.

Anonymous said...

I used Albion this morning approximately 11:AM (Thursday,7/25) coming from Central. While there was full scale work being done at the time a police officer first stopped me on Albion until such time as a contruction vehicle was moved opening up a travel lane, then the officer waved me on through. No further problem right through to Cedar Street was encountered

In other words, a detour wasn't needed at that time.

Not to say, at any given time, a vehicle will not be permitted to access Albion, east to west, from Central or lowell.