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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Henderson Street Home to New Fire Lane

Residents of lower Henderson Street can rest easier knowing that a proposed fire lane on the corner nearest Wilton Street has been approved by the Traffic Commission and will be marked in the coming weeks with a sign.

This fire lane came at the suggestion of a lower Henderson Street resident and supported by the Fire Chief after an on-site review of the location.


Anonymous said...

They should put one at the north end of Henderson Street also.

If memory serves, not too long ago, a south-bound fire truck couldn't access Henderson to fight a live house fire on that street.

Parked car, or cars, blocking access. Worse with snowbanks in the winter time.

Anonymous said...

At the expense of a sidewalk?

Anonymous said...

All access points of Henderson Street have fire lanes now. This was the last one that was needed.

Anonymous said...

A sidewalk exchanged for a fire truck that will make a differnce in saving a life, or a house from burning to then ground? Yes!

Ever see the north side of Brastow Avenue, up near the hospital?

There find a non-existing sidewalk close to Lowell Street for approximately 40 or 50 feet forcing north-side east-west bound, or west-east bound, pedistrians to either walk in the street or use the south-side sidewalk, while the rest of Brastow Avenue has a sidewalk on the same north-side.

A resident's fence butts right out to the curb at that location.
All legal I have been told by authorities.

Anonymous said...

In full agreement with the above comment!

Anonymous said...

I confess I haven't been following this issue but looking at the photo seems to me that a fire truck is fully capable of driving on that sidewalk. There are costs to losing sidewalks, some of them public safety, some of them livability.

Anonymous said...

It looks that way to me too, but am glad that a proper Fire Lane sign is going to be placed there. Now...on to enforcement.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather a safe neighborhood, IMO