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Monday, July 22, 2013

Illuminated Pedestrian Signs Light Up Broadway Crosswalk

I couldn't help but notice the new illuminated, flashing pedestrian crossing signs alerting drivers to the crosswalk by Charles E. Ryan Road on Medford Street.

There are lights on either side of the crosswalk that serves Trum Field and businesses located on the outer edge of Magoun Square.

All too often, cars do not stop for pedestrians in this crosswalk and these new signs should certainly help at night when it's needed the most.

Are there places around the City you think would benefit from this type of signage? Comment the locations below and I'll bring them to the attention of Traffic and Parking.


Anonymous said...

I am very happy with this addition to Magoun Square. I would like to see one somewhere in Winter Hill and down by Foss Park and The Mount Vernon Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Above commenter is correct. There needs to be more crosswalks in the winterhill area.

Anonymous said...

More cross walks?

There is a cross walk about every three blocks on Broadway. As someone who often walks the area, I find that to be plenty. As a driver in the area, any more could comepletely snarl traffic during rush hour.