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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

The ZBA approved the new ice cream/bakery (517 Medford) and the Asian take-out kitchen (498 Medford) at their July 10th meeting. These are two new businesses that are coming on the heels of the King of Wings and, anticipated, PennyPackers openings in Magoun Square.
Speaking of Magoun Square, there will be a clean up on August 15th, beginning at 5:30pm. Participants are asked to meet at Henry Hanson Park (Medford Street and Partridge Avenue). The cleaning regiment will include weeding and sweeping, so please bring trowels, dustpans, brooms, gloves, garden shears for weeding, a screwdriver to dig weeds up in the sidewalks, and plastic grocery bags. Another great way to participate is to plant flowers outside of your business or home. You do not have to be a Magoun Square or Ward 5 resident to help! Please email Amy at amy_timmins at to sign up!

Candidates are hitting up the social media scene more than ever now with Twitter and Facebook pages popping up every day displaying campaign photos and prompting canvassing invitations. Yard signs and bumper stickers are also increasing as Somerville enters the summer months with the Preliminary and Final just around the corner. What type of advertising makes the most difference to you?

Albion Street is finally getting repaved after years of being a rollercoaster ride for both motorists and cyclists! The street will also be getting new sidewalks, as well.

The Arts at the Armory has been granted a continuance from the Licensing Commission in an effort to gather more information about two incidents that could result in the organization losing it's beer and wine license. They will be before the Commission again in August.

For all of my dog owning Ward 5ers: The City of Somerville announced this week that Nunziato Field will be closed beginning Friday, July 17 for necessary repairs prior to the fall youth soccer season. This quickly moving project begins Friday as the city looks to fast track the improvements necessary to provide the city’s children with a safe, durable and high-quality field. The field will be closed to all users until September 2013.


Anonymous said...

Ice cream, I love ice cream. Was thinking just last night that nothing would be better after dinner at Daddy Jones than stopping for an ice cream.


Anonymous said...

I hope there is a better job done on resurfacing Albion Street and new sidewalks there, than was done on Alpine Street a few years ago.

Unknown said...

Exciting news! Im looking forward to having more going on in Magoun. With the new shops I am walking in and shopping in the square 2-3 times a week. (Modellos is Amazing!)

Anonymous said...

It's nice to hear about the development in Magoun, there is already a great bakery - Model Bakery. I hope this isn't going to be strong competition.

It would be great to have a place open that could include live music. So many musicians and performers live in Ward 5, I'm sure they'd love to find gigs in their own neighborhood!

Anonymous said...

Olde Magoun's tried for live music back in the day, but some neighborhood a**hole blocked it.