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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

City Presents Approach to Everett Casino

At the August 22nd Board of Aldermen meeting, the City outlined the steps it will take in response to Everett voting in favor of a casino.

Titled, Massachusetts Gaming Law Presentation, the PowerPoint was created by the Somerville Law Department and details the process that cities need to follow in order to obtain a casino license and how abutting cities can apply for Surrounding City Status.

Mayor Joe Curtatone has been an outspoken opponent of Everett's decision to host a casino, famously pointing out that he "lives closer to the casino than the Mayor of Everett does."

The City Solicitor has already informed members of the Board of Aldermen that casino discussions will take place in Executive Session during regularly scheduled Aldermen meetings.


Anonymous said...

Why executive session? Does that mean the public can not hear the discussion? I thought executive session was for discussions about employees or things like that.

Anonymous said...

Executive Session is used for all legal matters...not that I agree.

Anonymous said...

Any legal body can, by majority vote,go into an "Executive Session" for any reason; not just legal matters.
It's allowed, and the proper protocol is spelled out, in "Robert's Rules of Order on Parliamentary Procedure."

The results of which do not have to made public as do regular alderman meetings and other civic meetings.