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Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Word Around the Ward

There will be a clean up of Magoun Square on August 15th, beginning at 5:30pm. Participants are asked to meet at Henry Hanson Park (Medford Street and Partridge Avenue). The cleaning regiment will include weeding and sweeping, so please bring trowels, dustpans, brooms, gloves, garden shears for weeding, a screwdriver to dig weeds up in the sidewalks, and plastic grocery bags. Another great way to participate is to plant flowers outside of your business or home. You do not have to be a Magoun Square or Ward 5 resident to help. Please email Amy at amy_timmins at to sign up!

The presentation for the Cedar Street Flood Mitigation Project has been posted to the City’s Engineering page, as well as, its Construction page under Roads and Bridges. A recap of the July 31st informational meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.

Speaking of construction, Hinckley and Albion Streets are still very active as they continue with their upgrades. Please take this into consideration when navigating these areas.

August keeps rolling along closer and closer to the September 24th Primary Day that will set the stage for the November 5th final election. Although the Ward 5 School Committee and Ward 3 Alderman races see three candidates each that are mainly hitting the streets, Ward 1 seems to be experiencing a very nasty race. The political scene in Somerville could be changing dramatically come November, but for some, September 24th can't come soon enough!

The date for the 5th Annual Harvest Fest, hosted by Somerville Local First, has been set for October 19th! More details will be posted as they become available! In the meantime, they will be hosting another Local is for Lovers Market on Sunday August 25th from 11-5pm at the Armory.


Anonymous said...

Ward 1 is looking to be a war zone but only between bastardi and lorusso. Matt is staying out of it.

Anonymous said...

War zone??? hardly!!

Once the election is over both "combatants" will kiss and make-up over a beer; while their followers will continue battling on forever.

That's the way it always has been in politics---local or otherwise!

Anonymous said...

The relationship between two has gotten personal and is beyond my opinion.

Matt has stayed out of it which is good but the "you know what" is hitting the fan over there. duck!

Anonymous said...

agree...I don't think elio or maureen will be hugging anytime soon.