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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Word Around the Ward: Online Elections!

Rather than the traditional Word Around the Ward, the next few weeks will be devoted to online polls to gage where voters are for the upcoming final election on November 5th. This week, we will be voting for the races in Ward 1. Please choose one name from each and the winners will be announced in one week.


Anonymous said...

Possibly this is not the proper place to post the following, but I just read the latest Somerville Journal.

In the letters to the editor section there is an OUTRAGEOUS letter from Joe Lynch stating that the Magoun Square Neighborhood Association, its members, endorses Mark Neidergang for Ward 5 Alderman.

Since when does Mr. Lynch have the nerve, or the authority, to speak for members of the association some of whom are supporters of Courtney who is also a member, a very active member, in the association.

I believe Mr.Lynch has overstepped his bounds by indicating to the reading public that the Magoun Square Neighborhood Association, all members as a body, endorse Mr. Neidergang,that is simply not true; and further that the editor of the Journal retract what Mr.Lynch has wrongly stated in that letter in regard to who the members of the association support for Ward 5 Alderman.

Ward Five said...

Dear Anonymous,

Just as a clarification, I am not a member of the Magoun Square Neighborhood Association. I left in 2009.

Anonymous said...

The first comment is the absolute truth. Mark NEVER attended any Maxwell's Green, Magoun Square, Lowell Street bridge, public health or public safety meetings for the past 8 years he has been on the school committee. When there was a shooting on central street (that included children in one of the apartments), he was not present at the meeting that followed.

One thing is for sure, Mr. Lynch is a liar. He lied with his first letter and he is lies with this one.

Anonymous said...

Okay, what I should of stated was how very active you are in always working for the betterment and enhancement of the square.
One can only guess why you left the association because at one time you and Mr.Lynch were very good friends, a friendship since dissolved.

If still friends his letter to the journal would never have been written.
His speaking for all the members endorsing Mr.Neidergang was a stretch.

Anonymous said...

Courtney's friendship with Sean O'Donovan really pissed Lynch off.
Quite possibly a factor that lead to Courtney quitting the association. Which, by the way, Lynch taking credit for "founding" the association without Courtney's assistance is questionable.
She is a lifelong resident of the neighborhood. Lynch is a former resident of Cambridge.

No love lost between Sean and Lynch as evidenced over the years. Now with Courtney going after the Ward 5 alderman position, and if she wins, would really rattle Lynch's bones where he was beaten badly when he ran against Sean.

One has to know where Lynch is coming from with his letter to the journal.

Not so much as support for Neidergang as all about "slamming" Courtney. A personal vendetta against both Courtney and O'Donovan if there was one.

Anonymous said...

Lynch's next letter to reveal Mark Neidergang invented the internet, Google and the iPod ;)

Anonymous said...

The letter describes Courtney, but endorses Mark.

Anonymous said...

Lynch is the most pompous person I ever encountered.
If you get to string twenty-five words or more together before he interrupts you, says HIS piece, then terminates the conversation; go out and buy a lottery ticket because it's your lucky day.

Just watch his Scat-TV show with his co-host and best buddy, KyAnn Anderson. She and/or their guest are constantly being interrupted by him.

I must admit, after watching his show once I never tuned in again.

Anonymous said...

I know for certain that there are members of the Magoun Square Association who support Courtney for Ward 5 Alderman.

If just one Courtney supporter assocation member steps forward to dispute Lynch's claim that the association members endorse Neidergang for Ward 5 Alderman it will forever go to show that Lynch's letter to the editor stating the association/members as a unit, endorsing Neidergang, was a fabrication on Lynch's part.

I know of two members,for sure, who support Courtney.
Whether one or both, for whatever reason, would want to make it known publicly remains to be seen.

In any event, I know in my own mind, and for sure others know, that Lynch was way off base by asserting that all Magoun Association members support Neidergang in his letter to the Somerville Jounal.

Maybe Lynch should write another letter to the Somerville Journal, and have those pro-Neidergang members also sign off on the letter for all to see.

Anonymous said...

If Mr. Lynch, in his letter to the Somerville Journal/Somerville Ward 5 voters, stating the Magoun Square Neighborhood Association endorses Mr. Neidergang for Ward 5 Alderman, as an association are there legal Bylaws governing the proper protocol that must be complied with before before such an endorsemnt is made public.
Robert's Parlimentary Rules governing such a process?
A meeting? A needed quorum? Motion to made and seconded? Majority vote of general members? etc.!

In other words, Mr. Lynch firing off that letter to the Somerville Journal, on his own, absent a proper protocol as defined within their By-Laws having been executed.

Courtney, as a former association member, do you recall those association By-Laws being in place; and their content as regard political endorsements?

Anonymous said...

While I am not a member of the Magoun Square Neighborhood Association I have a very close relative who is a member, who definitely is not voting for Mr.Neidergang.

What Joe lynch says or does should not surprise anyone residing in Ward 5.
In his own mind he raises the bar as to his own self-importance; and that we all believe, or should believe, his utterances are gospel.

His disdain for Sean O'Dononvan over the years; and Courtney O'Keefe since his split with Courtney, overrides much of what he has to say regarding ward 5 politically, and at times, personally.

And then there is the Mayor and his crowd, a whole other story if you have twenty or more minutes to spare listening to Lynch at the Magoun Square Dunkin' Donuts.
(With the emphasis on listening)

Anonymous said...

so much for mr. lynch and his agenda; appears the following would apply to him:

"you can fool half the people most of the time; and all the people half the time; but cannot fool all the people all the time."

.....abe lincoln