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Friday, November 22, 2013

CTY Calls…Too Much? Too Little?

A question from Wednesday's ResiStat meeting has prompted today's post. How do you feel about the CTY calls in Somerville?

Since its inception, the reverse 311 call initially introduced us to one of the most amazing telephone voices that would go on to inspire songs, videos and even auction items as a “voicemail recording by Tom Champion” was once used at a fundraiser.

Nowadays, we have Jackie Rossetti informing us about snow emergencies and ResiStat Meetings. Carlene Campbell-Hegarty and Mayor Joe Curtatone have also had their voices recorded for different reasons with the Mayor usually making an appearance during the winter asking us to shovel in front of our houses.

A Ward 5 resident suggested that a reverse call be made at the beginning of the summer to ask people not to leave their grills on porches and decks to which the Mayor responded that we have to be careful of people’s tolerance levels of the amount of calls they receive.

The reverse 311 call is, currently, not offered to members of the Board of Aldermen for community meetings or office hour announcements. Should it be? Should it include other announcements or is it becoming too much for you? Comment your thoughts below.


Anonymous said...

I think they're just enough.

Anonymous said...

I love the service but do miss Tom. He had a great voice.

Anonymous said...

311, while a great service, has neutered the power of the Ward Alderman. Once, if your street wasn't plowed, or you saw a pothole, etc., you called the Ward Alderman.

Now, you talk directly to the executive branch via 311. Next up, Joe will have dedicated "Ward Liaisons" who will appear at neighborhood meetings because why go through your legislator when you can go straight to the executive branch?

Courtney said...

Neutered? Really? Tell that to the callers that dial my number for these issues, regardless.

Anonymous said...

I always call Courtney after I call 311 because she yells at them until it gets done ;)