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Monday, November 25, 2013

Top Questions Asked at Ward 5 ResiStat Meeting

Although the presentations on various topics seemed to answer most people's questions, the Community and Green Line Extensions, Cedar Street reconstruction, and a few other questions were posed by residents at last week's Ward 5 Resistat meeting.

Updates on the completion of the Green Line Extension and the Community Path Extension to Lowell Street were requested by residents with the Community Path Extension coming in first around the Spring time. Soil issues have delayed the project with the winter now putting construction at a minimal. The path should be user-ready by Spring with the Green Line coming in, well, a little later than that.

Although close to $400 million was approved for the Union Square and Washington Street locations, other stations will not be passenger ready for another few years. Federal funding is being sought for the remainder of the project now set to be completed by 2020.

The status of Cedar Street construction was asked about as it will also feature traffic calming measures as agreed up in the covenant with Maxwell's Green. As of right now, the City is deciding on a designer to alleviate flooding around the area which will then kick-off construction on the streets and sidewalks to replace underground drainage infrastructure. It will be during this time that community meetings will be held to gather input from residents and introduce different methods on how to ensure safety when exiting out of side-streets and slowing vehicles down as they approach the Cedar Street bridge. Both of these have been discussed in the Public Health and Public Safety Board of Aldermen subcommittee since 2010.

Out-going Police Chief Tom Pasquerello was asked if residents could submit video footage obtained from their private property to assist with any crime issues in their neighborhood. The Chief informed the asking resident that this is allowed and that Police use this often when dealing with illegal activity in neighborhoods.

Lastly, a group of residents brought up some very serious traffic issues around the Brown School and requested a Traffic Control Officer, as well as, a crossing guard in this area as drop-off and pick-up hours have seen some close calls between students and moving vehicles. This also prompted a board order for tomorrow's Board of Aldermen meeting.

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LCM said...

Thank you for summarizing this, Courtney! I appreciate you bringing this to the Board of Aldermen meeting. How can I find out what outcome the meeting brings about the traffic issues around the Brown School?