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Friday, December 13, 2013

Snow Expected This Weekend...

It's going to begin to look a lot like Christmas this weekend as Somerville is expected to see some snowfall with the possibility of good accumulation. Good news for Monday through Friday workers, bad news for kids looking for that snow day before Christmas break.

Although I doubt this will prompt a snow emergency declaration, I did want to provide the link to the procedures when there is an emergency in effect.

The snow is predicted to start in the afternoon, so you have plenty of time to hit the Winter Farmer's Market at the Armory (191 Highland Avenue) to stock up on food. Don't forget that the Modelo Butcher Market can provide necessities and groceries, M.F. Dulock has plenty of meats and Daddy Jones Bar has cocktails.

Bring on the snow!


Anonymous said...

I forgot about Modelo! So convenient!

Anonymous said...

Daddy Jones has cocktails?!?!?

Who knew???