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Friday, January 31, 2014

Magoun Square Featured in Today's Boston Herald!

Magoun Square is the focus of today's Home Smart (page 29), a weekly feature written by Paul Restuccia that occupies space every Friday in the Boston Herald .

Paul's article points out the changing real estate scene, but ties everything in with the success of the business district. Citing store openings and interviewing two new residents and a new business owner, the article really captures the essence and energy of Magoun!

Ironically, on this very date last year, I wrote my Op-ed regarding the missing Magoun Square sign that I am standing by in the above photo. You can read that Op-ed in the Somerville Times-just disregard the immaturity in the comments section.

Big thanks to Angela Rowlings for the great photos and to Dimitra Tsouranis Murphy, Leah Gallagher, Greg Huber and Ted Tobin for taking the time to get interviewed.


Anonymous said...

Effing awesome, Courtney!!

Anonymous said...

I thought you weren't the alderman anymore?!? ;)

Thank god someone is singing magoun's praises cuz god only knows it's not going to happen during the next two years at city hall.

Anonymous said...

Great article! Everyone looks and sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm happy to see Courtney and Dimitra in there it's great to see two new people in the article that just moved here! Job well done for everybody.

Anonymous said...

When was this?

Ward Five said...

This was published this past Friday on page 29 of the Boston Herald.