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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Finance Committee to Meet on Tuesday

The Finance Committee will hold a meeting at 6:00pm Tuesday February 11th in the second floor Committee Room of City Hall.

The committee will be discussing a 9-item agenda that includes the below listed legislation previously submitted through the Board of Aldermen on various dates. The committee includes Tony Lafuente, Chair; Maryann M. Heuston, Vice Chair; Katjana Ballantyne, Ward Seven Alderman; John M. Connolly, Alderman At Large and William A. White Jr., Alderman At Large.

1. 194970 : That the Administration confirm that the city will contract for a crosswalk bump-out at Elm and Beech Streets in coordination with the City of Cambridge in 2014 and provide a detailed timeline on this process.

2. 195157 : That the Administration set up a program to reimburse all retirees on Medicare, 80% of their out of pocket contributions, on an annual basis.

3. 195769 : Requesting approval to appropriate $106,812.60 from Free Cash to the Highway Professional and Technical Services Account to provide the first year of GPS monitoring services for city vehicles.

4. 196058 : Assistant City Solicitor responding to #195769 re: GPS devices on city vehicles and collective bargaining rights.

5. 196125 : Sanford Pooler submitting comments re: #195769, installing GPS devices in city vehicles.

6. 196166 : Requesting the acceptance of a Parkland Acquisitions and Renovations for Communities (PARC) grant totaling $400,000 for the construction of Symphony Park.

7. 196167 : Requesting, as required by the PARC grants, the authorization to utilize State and Federal funding necessary to construct the new Symphony Park.

8. 196168 : Requesting an appropriation of $7,410 from Free Cash to the Fire Department for a grant match from FEMA for smoke detectors in conjunction with the Council on Aging.

9. 196169 : Requesting the expenditure of FY14 funds totaling $6,722.78 to pay prior year invoices in the Police Department.

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