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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Legislative Matters to Discuss "Pay to Play" Ordinances

 Among other items on the agenda, the Legislative Matters Committee will discuss the two "Pay to Play" Ordinances that were presented to the Board of Aldermen last year. One, submitted by Mayor Curtatone and co-sponsored by Aldermen Desmond, Bastardi, Sullivan, Trane and I (195024). The other, submitted by Alderman at Large Bill White and co-sponsored by Aldermen Gewirtz, Lafuente, and Sullivan (194968).

Both submissions deal with campaign contributions from city employees and contractors doing business with Somerville.

Along with the above mentioned is the below listed legislation previously submitted through the Board of Aldermen that also occupy Tuesday's agenda.

3. 195035 : That the City Solicitor provide an opinion regarding 780CMR MA Amendments to the International Building Code 2009 Section 1001.3.2 regarding qualifications for examiners of fire escapes.

4. 195246 : That the Director of Sustainability and Environment provide this Board with a plan for city-wide residential composting, to be discussed in the Committee on Legislative Matters.

5. 195477 : Requesting approval of amendments to Chapter 11 of the Code of Ordinances to establish a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance.

6. 195519 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance that all commercial gas tank replacements require permit approval by this Board.

7. 195643 : That the City Solicitor draft an ordinance that would permit qualified Auxiliary Police Officers to work, and be paid for, details.

8. 196013 : Assistant City Solicitor responding to #195035 re: qualifications for examiners of fire escapes.

The meeting will take place at 7:00pm in the second floor Committee Room of City Hall on Tuesday February 11th.

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