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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Board of Aldermen to Meet Tomorrow Night

The Board of Aldermen will be meeting tomorrow at 7:00pm in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall.

The agenda is posted on Somerville's Meeting Portal by Tuesday at 7:00pm per the Open Meeting Law. This portal also holds previous meeting minutes and videos.

This meeting is open to the public and all residents and/or concerned citizens are encouraged to attend, watch the meeting live on Channel 22 (Comcast) or Channel 13 (RCN), or streamed live on the internet.


Anonymous said...

potholes and lowell street...potholes and lowell street...potholes and lowell street...potholes and lowell street...potholes and lowell street...

murt said...

either you left this ward in pristine condition or this guy is clueless. i'm guessing both.

Anonymous said...

Just took a look at the alderman's agenda for item there caught my attention.

Subject item concerning (excluding) Cambridge Health Alliance shuttle drivers from using residential streets to and from their destinations. Reason given in the agenda item: "to avoid traffic lights."
How ridiculous!

What about excluding all commercial vehicles? And, other private vehicles using residential streets to avoid traffic lights?

What about getting patients to their med appointments on-time, via the shortest routes?

What about needing to use a residential street to get to a main street?

What about the shorter mileage resulting in less gas being burned reducing air pollution and cost?

I have used that shuttle countless times over the years, going from Somerville Hospital to their Cambridge Complex and return to Somerville. Many of the residential streets they use are one-way, going or returning, both in Somerville and Cambridge.

Not only getting me and others, running late for an appointment; to our destination on-time; while never seeing a shuttle van causing a problem on any residential street in all the years using their service.

Furthermore, the drivers for the most part, have been courteous and helpful, especially for persons with physical problems.

By the way, it isn't that a driver avoids all traffic lights because the main streets they do use
such as Highland Ave, Central Street,Someville Avenue, Beacon Street, Cambridge Street, all have sets of traffic lights.

Got to believe the residential street residents who may be complaining about the shuttle vans using THEIR street(s)...may also be guilty (as we all are guilty) of using residential streets in other neighborhoods to avoid traffic lights.