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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Finance Committee to Meet on Tuesday

The Finance Committee will be meeting tomorrow Tuesday April 1st at 6:30pm in the second floor committee room of City Hall. The ten item agenda includes the below listed legislation submitted by members of the Board of Aldermen, as well as, financial requests of the Mayor.

Among the items is a request for information on how donations for an American Youth Football League will be allocated and used. This football league has been the topic of many conversations since it was requested to be funded in the FY2014 budget last June. The City eventually withdrew its request from the budget, but have come up with other means of paying for the league. Tensions boiled over at a recent Youth Services committee meeting that saw the President of Pop Warner, Roger Desrochers, walk out in disgust. Ward 1 Alderman Matt MacLaughlin requested the information during the Youth Services meeting.

· 194500: Recommend That the Excise Tax Demand Fee be amended and adjusted from $30.00 to $5.00.
· 194845: Discuss in Committee That the Administration arrange for the climate change consultant, Seed Systems, to appear before the Finance Committee to discuss #194312, a requested appropriation of $24,000.
· 194970: Discuss in Committee That the Administration confirm that the city will contract for a crosswalk bump-out at Elm and Beech Streets in coordination with the City of Cambridge in 2014 and provide a detailed timeline on this process.
· 195157: Discuss in Committee That the Administration set up a program to reimburse all retirees on Medicare, 80% of their out of pocket contributions, on an annual basis.
· 195168: Discuss in Committee That the Library Director provide this Board with a timeline for accessibility improvements to the West Branch Library.
· 195179: Discuss in Committee That the Administration appear before this Board to explain the current status of the Clear Channel negotiations and the proposed locations of electronic billboards.
· 195216: Discuss in Committee That the Director of Capital Improvements and the Library Director provide this Board with timelines for renovations, repairs and improvements to both the East and West Branch libraries, including projected budget expenditures.
· 195734: Discuss in Committee That the Administration provide this Board with a breakdown of special events (festivals, concerts, road races, etc.), indicating if they are/were city sponsored and/or privately sponsored, and including city expenditures for each.
· (ID # 9085): Discuss That this Board’s Committee on Finance determine the use and allocation of all funds donated to the city for the American Youth Football League.
· (ID # 9123): Discuss That the Recreation Superintendent appear before this Board to provide an update of all expenditures for the current fiscal year.

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Anonymous said...

I would sincerely appreciate it if the administration could curb the road races which hinder the traffic in and around Davis Square. I well appreciate that some of these races bring in money to the city, the residents are at the mercy of the races as to when they can leave, park their cars or come home. There are other venues where these races can be run, Dilboy, Tufts, High School which would not inconvenience a large majority of the city.