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Monday, March 24, 2014

Hubway Comes to Magoun Square at Trum Field

It started with a conversation with some of my most passionate supporters (right, Spencer?). It led to legislative number 195173 and, today, it was installed. Yes, Ward 5ers, there is a Hubway Bicycle System for Magoun Square at Trum Field!

As I previously reported and Hubway reposted, this past January saw the City considering this location for a Hubway and, today, they proved it was more than a consideration.

Purchasing a Hubway membership is only a click away and, with stations all over Somerville, navigating this City will be much easier.

My most heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in getting this station installed including and especially Hayes Morrison-Director of Transportation and Infrastructure.


Spencer said...

So awesome. Just bought my membership!

Anonymous said...

Courtney-thanks for pushing for this! Please come back in 2015.

Anonymous said...

Need one at city hall next.


Anonymous said...

There is one at City Hall.