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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Inside Magoun Square's Newly Renovated Salvation Army

Magoun Square's Salvation Army store has been renovated and is ready for their grand-reopening on Thursday April 3rd at 9:00am. Complete with some new, returning staff and over 8,000 square feet of retail space, the location will continue to serve as both a family store and a drop-off center, but with more merchandise.

The renovation, which started in November, included (will include) more efficient HVAC (and visually better), new energy efficient lighting, flooring, a proper back room, upgrades to ADA requirements, outside facade facelift (painting, new sign, stripping red paint on stone and bring out natural stone), and will end with the parking lot being repaved/striped. They also cleaned out catch basins and repainted parking lot side of exterior wall.

Lieutenant Joseph Swistak graciously allowed me to come by and photograph the space for today's pictorial. Very excited about the upcoming opening, Lt. Swistak mentioned that there will be new bins coming for after-hours donations that will sit on the side of the building and that hours of operation are set for 9:00am until 5:30pm Monday through Saturday for now. Extending the hours to 9:00pm is a possibility, but post-5:30pm foot traffic will determine whether the retail space will look to operate for the full 12 hour day.


Anonymous said...

Some "Gouners" may not know: that venue was built for, and served as, an "A&P Market"...with Headquarters in Boston.

In Competition with a "First National Market" located on the even side of Magoun Square; just east of the CVS.
Their headquarters? They were the 2nd occupant of Assembly Square.

The 1st occupant was the Ford Motor Company; hence the "Assembly Square" name.

Both those markets, as well as all other retail stores in the square at that time,
by and large, flourished mainly on foot traffic.

Anonymous said...

The place looks good. I just hope they have someone to pick up merchandise on the weekends. There was nothing worse than walking by and seeing all kinds of stuff scattered on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

"Stuff" was scattered not only on the sidewalk but also on the east side of the building where persons with good intent neatly left their "donations" during non-business days only to be picked apart by scavengers "stealing" the best stuff--and leaving a mess behind.

Anonymous said...

Stealing does not need to be in quotations.

Unfortunately due to the residence adjacent to the parking lot, they can't lock the gate I guess.

Somerville Beat said...

Great post! I've been wondering when this would re-open and it looks like the improvements will really make the space so nice. Excited to check it out next week.

Jeff said...

Did you feel weird going in there being gay and all, court?

Ward Five said...

I didn't feel weird and was not made to feel weird by the Salvation Army representative. I am aware of the financial funneling of the organization, but readers were curious of the renovations.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, the question you posed to Court, in my opinion, is way out of line.

Why should Court feel any more different going into the Salvation Army building than going into the CVS, Dunkin Donuts, or any other of the retail establishments in Magoun Square, or elsewhere?

OR, what prompts you, or makes you to even think she should "feel weird?"

Answers please!

That she possibly should feel "weird" is in the eyes of a biased beholder (you) knowing that she is gay---hence your question to her.

Anonymous said...

...and Jeff please explain the inference of the words..."and all"... as you used in your ill-advised question to Court.

Jeff said...

I am sorry if I offended anyone especially court. I have been commenting on her website for a long time and always felt ok about asking her questions. I am sorry again.

Anonymous said...

Apolgies accepted...we move on!

But remember: questions, and differences of opinion are always welcomed, but in good taste first and foremost.

Being allowed to post anonymous is not a shield, or a license, for posting "garbage."

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think in the case of the Salvation Army, that's an important question to ask, considering their previous history on the subject. It's actually a *very* important think to know, if a person who is not-straight, for any variation of that, felt comfortable in the space.

The Salvation Army's History of Anti-LGBT Discrimination

Oddly, since this has been a BIG issue in the LGBT community since 2000, you thinking it was inappropriate reveals that you need more information.