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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

MF Dulock Featured in the Boston Globe's Food & Dining Section

Ward 5 craft butcher shop MF Dulock was featured in the Food & Dining section of the Boston Globe yesterday in an article discussing the success of Arthur Largey's chickens from Feather Brook Farm being carried by the Highland Avenue business.

The article, Chickens go from Barnyard to Table in a Day, features MF Dulock butcher Jesse Hassinger discussing Feather Brook Farm's unique approach to chicken care, slaughter and transport. The article quotes Largey, "A lot of the things that I do in slaughtering is similar to halal," Largey says of the Islamic dietary guidelines. "Respect to the animal is key on this farm."

Along with the chickens (and it's wide selection of meats, of course), MF Dulock also carries eggs, but do get there early as all are wildly popular with Somerville residents. 

MF Dulock is located at 201A Highland Avenue and brings in about 20 chickens a week for sale.

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