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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Want a Rain Barrel?

Somerville has you covered!

Somerville will be offering rain barrels at a discount price of $69 to residents through April 5th for pickup at the DPW Yard on April 12th from 9-11am.

These rain barrels "reduce runoff that can harm existing water sources and contribute to overflow in the city’s water system. Additionally, rain barrels can help offset water usage that, in New England, can increase by as much as 60% during the spring, summer, and fall seasons," according to a press release issued by the City. The barrels are provided by the Great American Barrel Company and come in the three colors you see in the picture.

To purchase, visit, click on “Shop Local Programs,” and search for Somerville.


Anonymous said...

Order placed.


Ward Five said...

I *knew* you would get one! Let me know how it works out.