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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Commitment to the Friends and Family of Deanna Cremin

Ward 5 Online and I, Courtney O'Keefe, would like to make a commitment to the friends and family of Deanna Cremin and keep the updated rewards poster on the main page of the website until the website ceases to exist or Deanna's murderer is brought to justice.

Furthermore, I would like to encourage all of my fellow Somerville media representatives to do the same by putting this poster in a noticeable part of your website and/or printed material.

Lastly, I encourage anyone who wants to see this murder solved, to use this poster as your social media profile picture always, or at least, during the anniversary of Deanna's death. Together, we can bring justice for Deanna.

Who is with me?


Anonymous said...


This is amazing! I hope people follow suit!

Jeff said...

Court-good for you

creminkd said...

Courtney I am late I think in thanking you. I am so very grateful to you and the help you have given to the cause of getting Deanna justice.
Most Sincerely,
Katherine Cremin