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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Albion Park to Close Beginning Monday April 28th

Albion Park will be closing on Monday April 28th to allow the installation of a new retaining wall and improvements to the lawn and water spray areas. Although the work will be focused on these three locations, the entire park will have to remain off-limits to users.

The work, which was discussed during the Fall ResiStat meeting, will be completed by May of this year. Albion Park will still be a Somerville Spring Clean Up location set for Saturday April 26th from 10:00am until 12:00pm.

During this time, be sure to visit other parks around the City including Trum Field and The Trum Field Tot Lot located on Franey Road. For a list of other parks, visit the City's Parks and Open Space page on their website.


Anonymous said...

The grass probably needs fixing because of people who bring their dogs there and allow their dogs to urinate on the grass; as well as other dog owners who venture into the park and allow their dogs to poop without picking up their deposits.

If the DPW thinks for one minute that persons, young and older, and dog owners during off-hours, will not be going into the park while closed during renovations there is a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell to Stan Koty for cheap.

If police do not enforce 24/7---I guarantee all of the above violations will occur.

Anonymous said...

I've brought my kids to this playground many times, and have never seen dog poop. I'm guessing there are erosion problems due to all the foot traffic that the grassy knoll sees (which it was designed for).

Where I DO see a problem with people not picking up after their dogs is on the public sidewalks. I don't think it's possible to enforce when you can't catch the offender in the 'act'. To ask for 24/7 enforcement in parks, or anywhere, is unrealistic.