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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Does Magoun Square Have Our Tailor and Dry Cleaner Back?

That what it looks like!

During my walk on Monday, I noticed that there was an Open sign in the window and it seems that it will offer the same services, but with different tenants. No pricing descriptions were available at the time, but I will keep you all updated as they become more established.

As I previously reported, Magoun Square lost the first tenants this past winter and, based on the comments below the story, the option was very appreciated by residents. I hope this new business finds the staying power!


Anonymous said...

Real question is, when does the ice cream arrive?!

Ward Five said...

I have asked the Planning Department and no one has heard anything. They do have the ZBA approval for another year, hopefully, something will happen soon.

Spencer said...

That was a great read, lots of exciting stuff packed in there. Also enjoyed reading about the history of Magoun improvements. It will be interesting to see the proposed timeline filled out when the final document is released. Thanks for sharing Courtney!