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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sketch of Assault Suspect Released by Somerville Police Department

I like getting my phone calls from Jackie Rossetti, but the ones she has to do about assaults are pretty scary to hear. I know it's her job...I still love her and appreciate the fact that she keeps us all informed, but I bet it's hard on her too.

I received her phone call this afternoon and wanted to publish a sketch that was described to the Somerville Police Department of the suspect that assaulted a woman walking home from the Porter Square T Station. There was also another assault that was reported to the Cambridge Police Department that sounded similar to the one that happened in the Ville.

As an avid walker and runner, myself, I know how much everyone loves the feeling of navigating through Somerville using our feet! I would, however, like to remind everyone to take precaution when doing so. Here are some tips that I have picked up along the way:

1.) Use streets that are well-lit and/or popular with other pedestrians/motorists/cyclists.
2.) Walk with friends! If you're a commuter, see if someone can meet and walk with you when you get off the train.
3.) Utilize Hubway bicycle stations if it's really late.
4.) Keep your phone handy just in case you see someone hurt or need to call the police.
5.) Take your headphones off or keep them very low, so you can hear anything around you.
6.) I would also like to encourage everyone not to assault another human being. Please treat one another with love and respect.

Overall, just be vigilant and aware of everything around you. If you have more tips to add to this list, be sure to comment them below.

The official message from the City of Somerville...

"On Monday, April 21, the Somerville Police Department received a report that a man assaulted a woman in the early morning hours while she was walking near the 300 block of Beacon St. This incident is similar to another assault that was reported within the last week in Cambridge. Both victims were walking home from the Porter Square MBTA station. The suspect in the Somerville assault is described as a thin black male, wearing dark clothing. The suspect in the Cambridge assault is described as a man in all dark clothing.

The Somerville Police Department is working to identify and apprehend the suspects as quickly as possible, and we wish to alert residents to take safety precautions when walking at night, while reaffirming that no victim is ever to blame for the actions of an attacker.

For more information, including safety tips and a suspect description, visit

Anyone with information regarding any of these assaults is asked to contact the Somerville Police Department at 617.625.1600. Thank you for your vigilance and assistance."


Anonymous said...

I think number 6 is the most important. Great suggestion.

Anonymous said...

I like the 6 th one

Anonymous said...

Very helpful thank you!