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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

City to Increase Funding for Street & Sidewalk Improvements

The City of Somerville issued a press release announcing that it will increase funding for roadway and sidewalk improvements.

They write, "Mayor Joseph A. Curtatone announced Somerville’s commitment to an additional $1.38 million in the City’s Capital Investment Plan, more than doubling the existing $1.13 million already allocated through Chapter 90 funds in fiscal year 2014. The additional funding will supplement existing roadway improvement and repaving work, and increase preventive maintenance measures to protect and maintain the life of the City’s roadways. An additional $500,000 has been allocated for the installation of ADA ramps citywide."

The press release also included a reminder that there will be a public hearing on the 2013 Pedestrian Accessibility Study on May 15th in the Aldermanic Chambers of City Hall beginning at 6pm. The report has been published on the City's Website for review.

The release went on to point out, "According to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, every $1 spent to keep a road in good condition avoids $6 to $14 needed later to rebuild the same road once it has deteriorated significantly. Utilizing a combination of DPW review and data analysis, City officials rank necessary street improvements by accessibility, safety, preservation, and quality of life factors, and separate projects into two categories: Maintenance Projects, and Reconstruction Projects. For those projects meeting the criteria for investment beyond basic maintenance, improvements will also include upgrades to existing infrastructure as well as the latest tools in traffic calming and safety measures."

The City’s 2014 street improvement program begins this week, and will include upgrades to:
· Boston Ave. (Prichard Ave. to Medford town line)
· Calvin St.
· Cedar St (Broadway to Highland Ave.)
· Central St. (Summer St. to Broadway)
· Dimick Ct.
· Dover St.
· Elm St. (Somerville Ave. to Russell St.)
· Eustis St. (Cambridge town line to Beacon St.)
· Franklin St. (Pearl St. to Washington St.)
· Harrison St.
· Holts Ave.
· Kidder Ave. (Willow Ave. to Boston Ave.)
· Linden Ave.
· Medford St. (Highland Ave. to School St., and South St. to the Cambridge town line)
· Morrison Ave.
· New Hampshire Ave. (Pennsylvania Ave. to Vermont Ave.)
· Newton St.
· Prospect St.
· Summer St.
· Sycamore St. (Pembroke St. to Evergreen Ave.)
· Vinal Ave.
· Walnut St. (Medford St. to Pearl St.)
· Washington St. (Boston town line to Medford St., and Medford St. to Prospect St.)

The next four years will see further improvements to streets and sidewalks, as well as, other projects throughout the City as outlined in the Capital Investments Plan for 2014-2018.


Anonymous said...

Nothing for Beacon St?

Spencer said...

Exciting to see the budget and timeline for the Central Broadway work on page 33.

Ward Five said...

Hi Anonymous,

Not on the provided list in the press release. However, there is some Beacon Street utility improvements that are noted in the Capital Investments Plan on page 103. The link to the plan is at the bottom of this post.


Ward Five said...

I also saw this...