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Monday, May 26, 2014

Environment and Energy Special Committee to Meet, Discuss Trees and Plastic Bags

The Environment and Energy Special Committee will be meeting on May 27th at 5:30pm to discuss a two item agenda that includes maintaining the tree canopy on Powderhouse Blvd (195591), as well as, a request that the City Solicitor provide this Board with information regarding plastic bag reduction techniques utilized in other MA municipalities, and determine whether the city may regulate the use of plastic bags to contain free advertising circulars delivered to homes, as well as whether the city can place a deposit fee on plastic bags (196628).

The question of placing a fee on plastic bags received mixed reviews when an April 10th meeting recap was published on the Somerville Times. Yes, you will see my thoughts included there, as well. Please feel free to include your thoughts below or on the Somerville Times article.


Anonymous said...

can someone please run against this loony in ward 6. she's taxing us to death and is not living up to her "fight for the working class family" crap that got her elected.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Everytime I turn around she's banning something or charging us money for something else. I liked your comments, Courtney. I'm ok with a nickel, but not until I save it on my tax bill first. I feel like my paycheck is spent before I f***ing earn it.