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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finance Committee to Meet, Discuss 8 Item Agenda

The Finance Committee will be meeting on May 29th at 6:00pm to discuss and 8 item agenda that consists of requests submitted through the Board of Aldermen, appropriations and grant acceptances.

The agenda includes:
1. 196227 : That the Director of Finance and this Board’s Committee on Finance review the attached article on Arlington’s “visual budget”.
a. MMA Visual Budget article for MT#8800

2. 196288 : Requesting the transfer of a parcel of land at 163 Glen Street to the Redevelopment Authority for neighborhood development.
a. 163 Glen

3. 196889 : That the Commissioner of Public Works appear before this Board to present all purchase orders, payments and inventory for the $26,000 appropriation approved during FY14 budget hearings.

4. 196919 : That the City Solicitor advise whether this Board has the authority to pass an ordinance that requires the approval of this Board for any agreement for payment in lieu of taxes.

5. 196950 : Requesting an appropriation of $1,212,158 from Unreserved Fund Balance ("Free Cash") to the DPW Snow Removal Account to mitigate the FY2014 Snow Removal deficit.

6. 196951 : Requesting Transfers Totaling $300,000 from the DPW Sanitation Division to the Snow Removal Account to help mitigate the FY 2014 Snow Removal deficit.

7. 196952 : Requesting the acceptance of a grant of $22,125.85 from the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, for the Police Department's target hardening project.

8. 196958 : DPW Commissioner responding to various Board Orders submitted April 24, 2014.
a. BO#22
b. BO#25

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