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Monday, May 26, 2014

Legislative Matter to Meet, Continue Discussion on "Pay to Play" Ordinance/Formula Businesses/"Globe Direct" Deliveries

The Committee on Legislative Matters will be continuing conversations on a five item agenda that has been kept in committee for quite some time. The meeting begins at 6:30pm and will take place in the second floor committee room of City Hall, tomorrow, Tuesday May 27th.

The agenda includes: 

1. 194968 : Requesting approval of the attached Ordinance Regulating Campaign Contributions from Those Seeking Contracts, Zoning Relief, the Purchase of City Property, or Financial Assistance from the City.

a.Ordinance - Campaign Contributions

2. 195024 : Requesting, with the sponsorship of Ald. Desmond, Bastardi, Sullivan, O'Keefe and Trane, approval of an Ordinance regulating "pay-to-play" public contracting and campaign contributions for municipal elected office.

a.Municipal Campaign Contributions for Municipal Elected Office

3. 195725 : That the City Solicitor provide this Board’s Committee on Legislative Matters with input on restricting formula businesses in Somerville by requiring specific review and oversight before they may enter central business districts.

4. 196780 : That the City Solicitor advise this Board of the city's ability to control the dissemination of advertisements from "Globe Direct", and inquire why individual requests to stop unsolicited deliveries are not followed.

5. 196856 : Assistant City Solicitor responding to #195725 re: restricting formula businesses.
a.Ltr - BOA - 4-23-14 re 195725

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