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Monday, May 19, 2014

Lowell Street Accident on Saturday

On Saturday May 17th, a car flipped over near the Vernon/Lowell Street intersection. Here is a photo snapped by a resident.

The person that took the photo mentioned the driver was assisted out of his vehicle, safely. I did see other photos on Facebook, but no solid report on what caused the accident.

Does anyone know what happened? I have been scouring other sources, but have not found anything. Please feel free to comment below.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there isn't more accidents approaching and leaving that bridge; not only involving one or more vehicles, but also involving pedistrians.

Speeding vehicles are common on Lowell Street; and one of the more violaters are DPW vehicles as frequently observed both on Lowell Street and side streets leading to and from Lowell; Alpine and Albion Streets to name two.

Enforcement is sporadic at best.

Albion in particular because DPW trucks are seen often speeding past the playground.

I wonder, even when a police officer was present, how many DPW drivers were cited for speeding------NONE!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he got out safe. I am curious as to what happened too.

Anonymous said...

The police officer blocking Lowell Street was pretty vague on what was happening. I'm surprised there was nothing else in the newspaper about it.

Anonymous said...

Just a guess: but find out if the person (driver) involved, with the accident being as a result of speeding or other moving violation is politically or police department connected; and you may know why the officer was "vague"... and why the accident never made the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Chinese food delivery gone Wong.