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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Somerville Adopts Uniform Trash Cart Program

In a press release posted only on the City's website, Somerville announced that it is adopting a uniform trash cart program as part of their on-going effort to decrease the rat population.

The release reads, "The new carts’ sturdy construction and secure-fitting lids will keep out rodents, denying them a food source, and will result in fewer blown-over barrels, helping to keep streets clean and attractive on trash days. The new carts must be placed on the curb for pickup with the lid tightly closed, as noted in the City’s current ordinance. If stored outside, they must also always be tightly closed."

As I previously reported, the uniform trash cart program is part of a plan announced by the City, simply titled, "It's War." Other initiatives include: financial assistance for residential rodent control; comprehensive dumpster inspection and enforcement; establishment of the Rodent Action Team (RAT); and testing of rodent fertility management as piloted in New York City. Although most of this plan has already been put into place, the commencement of rodent fertility testing has yet to be formally announced by the City.

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