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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Word Around the Ward

Big congratulations go out to Ryan Dillon who graduated with his MBA this past Saturday from Babson College. How did one of my favorite Ward 5ers celebrate, you ask? Dinner at Daddy Jones Bar, of course!

Happy Birthday to Caroline Shea Rosas who celebrated this past weekend. Also celebrating was Laura Caruso-Accaputo of the Traffic and Parking Department. 

Ward 5 also has a new resident! Rosie Winston Koslow-Vogel will be joining the best ward in the city with her Moms, Courtney Koslow and Maura Vogel. Congratulations to this beautiful family!

Twitter and Facebook were abuzz with photos of PorchFest this past weekend. Interestingly enough, there were some negative reactions to the event, as well, with one former School Committee person calling it "another reason to move out of Somerville." What did you think? Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

Be sure to get your tickets to the Taste of Somerville which will be held in Davis Square. This event features some of Somerville's best culinary and brewery artists with proceeds benefiting the Somerville Home!

Election season isn't even close and, already, residents are taking sides as the City could see the first Mayoral race in many years. Rumored Ward races, now including 3 and 7, could make this another interesting season to watch.


Anonymous said...

Who is planning to run against Curtatone? Believe me I am all for healthy debate and competition....

Anonymous said...

Dennis Sullivan and Tony LaFuente are the 2 names Ive heard.

Anonymous said...

I kinda want maryann to run