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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Word Around the Ward

No Somerville festival can go off without an issue and the recent Memorial Day Parade was no exception. Universal Hub has all the details about one Veteran that wasn't honored by the Somerville tradition. It's also worth mentioning the amount of elected officials who were not marching in the parade. Not surprising as it's not an election year.

Somerville's FY2015 budget discussions will begin on June 9th at 6:30pm. This year will be interesting as it will be the first in a long time Maryann Heuston will not be chairing the meeting. Detailed agendas of each department will be published as they become available.

Speaking of the budget discussions, this is supposedly going to be the coming-out party for certain members of the Board of Aldermen. Lets see if their targets are the same as last year! It will be interesting to see who takes direction from their constituents and who takes it from the media scene.

If you believe rumors, you can add Ward 1 to the list of growing rumored race-Wards for 2015. So far, we have a possible Mayoral race which may be a repeat...if you know what I mean ;) and rumblings in Wards 3 and 7. 

Are you really good at returning emails about important issues in Somerville? Let me know... I'd like to give you a list of 3 School Committee members that are currently struggling with this simple task. Maybe you could teach them how to acknowledge a constituent's concern via email.

The Ward 5 ResiStat meeting has been rescheduled to June 4th, 6:30 - 8:30pm, Kennedy School (5 Cherry Street). This is also the same night as the Taste of Somerville...I'm hoping this doesn't impact attendance. 

My sympathies to a popular Somerville website that experienced the removal of searchable, historical headlines due to an interface update. Providing a timeline of headlines has always been something that has served Ward 5 Online very well as it adds to current conversations.


Anonymous said...

school committee is a bunch of clowns waiting to be alderman.

Anonymous said...

good point...some sc people need to learn how to write emails and acknowledge constituent concerns.

Anonymous said...

To the 1st post....and after being an alderman on to being appointed to a well-paid salaried position with the city; a lifetime pension; with lifetime health benefits; in addition to some who still maintain a full-time job in the private sector.