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Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Word Around The Ward

One candidate is beginning to water the garden in preparation for a Mayoral run if you believe the wind coming off of the rumor mill. Despite trying to convince everyone that rumors are just rumors, actions are definitely speaking louder than words these days. As 2014 is starting to approach the half-way mark, it looks like some movers and shakers are already positioning themselves for runs in 2015.

Congratulations to Ross Richmond who will be leading the Ward 5 Democratic Committee after receiving enough votes last week at the General Meeting.

Holy Ward 5, Batman! Curbed Boston filled us in on the over $1 million price tag on 19 Adams Street!

Kenney Park is officially closed for construction (as is Albion Park). Here is a map of Somerville parks for those who need little ones to burn off some weekend energy!

Speaking of little ones, congratulations to the Eat at Jumbos Family: Grover, Kathy and big sister Gwen who welcomed Kendall Rose this past week! The Ball Square staple is also celebrating their 5th Birthday, as well!

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Anonymous said...

Think I know who you're talking about, Courtney. Would be a show-down.