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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Traffic Commission to Consider Parking Spot Removal on Vernon Street at Lowell

The Traffic Commission will be meeting this Thursday May 15th at 6:00pm and, among other items on the agenda, will be discussing the removal of parking spots located on Vernon Street at Lowell.

Lowell Street has been the topic of many safety discussions, beginning years ago and increasing lately after an accident at the entrance of MaxWells Green this past February and during a community meeting on a development proposed for 235 Lowell Street. This development has since been approved, but no traffic mitigation plan for the $220K given by the developers of MaxWells Green has been presented by the administration. As traffic on Lowell Street increases and is set to increase even more with developments being proposed for 231 Lowell and the impending arrival of the Community Path Extension this fall, a plan to make it all work, safely, is more necessary than ever before.

Congestion between vehicles taking either turn at Vernon and Lowell has always been my personal experience when navigating this area by any mode of transportation. It is possible that removing parking spots near the corner of Vernon and Lowell could alleviate the backup that occurs on the Lowell Street bridge as one motorist awaits the exit of another from Vernon. A right from Lowell would be allowable by opening up this space on Vernon, keeping traffic moving smoothly.

This is item number 4 on the Traffic Commission's agenda featuring only 5 topics for that evening.

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