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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

City Launches Video to Teach Us All How to Use Our New Trash Carts!

Courtesy of the City of Somerville because they're always
taking my photos off my website.
Somerville City TV, the official YouTube Channel of the City of Somerville, has launched a video letting us all know what we can expect with our new uniform trash carts!

It also clarifies some questions that people have been having lately, specifically, when it comes to their current trash barrels.

From the June 4th ResiStat Meeting... residents are allowed to continue using their current trash barrel, but should accept the one issued by the City as it will become mandatory in the future. Not having one will result in having to purchase it. 

The trash barrel is meant to encourage residents to recycle and your old trash barrel can be recycled by calling 311 and placing a Recycle sticker on it. 

You can also place a Yard Waste sticker on it and use it in the summer for yard clippings and the fall for leaves. Yard waste pickup runs all the way to the first week in December.

As I previously reported, the trash carts are being delivered throughout the month of June beginning in East Somerville first. 

As you use your cart, be sure to monitor your usage and log it with ResiStat, so they can make adjustments if needed

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