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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Restaurant & Market Tour Highlights Magoun Awesomeness

The Somerville Arts Council held a walking tour of Magoun Square's restaurants and markets on May 29th that featured six locations who offered delicious fare to attendees.

Starting off at Olde Magoun's Saloon, owner Greg Coughlin spoke of his earlier days in the Square and the struggles he had the first three years he was in business. Offering a great German brew, pulled pork sliders and Mac n' Cheese, the 47 year old Coughlin described the diverse clientele he sees. Filled with young professionals during the week, Olde Magoun's changes to a family-friendly brunch spot on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Before moving on to the next location, Coughlin gave each member of the tour a newsletter featuring a free appetizer coupon.

The tour moved on to Pennypacker's where attendees were greeted with sandwiches and a brief synopsis of Pennypacker's business, their food trucks and the Seinfeld-inspired way they came up with the name of their business. Participants of the tour could be seen grabbing seconds for their spouses on the way out.

K2 Beer and Wine put out quite a spread for the tour that included 5 tasting stations and food courtesy of Churrasco Buffet & Grill-also located in Magoun Square. The tour joined other patrons participating in the tasting that also featured specialty cheeses at each station.

Modelo Butcher Market and Modelo Bakery & Coffee House, both, hosted the tour group who heard about the butcher market's house-made sausages and how they took a cue from K2 Beer and Wine asking residents what they wanted in their local market. "Should a patron not find something they like", explained the host, "we have no problem ordering it for you." While sitting in the bakery, the same host pointed out all of the specialty cakes, baked items and juices available everyday for purchase. To top it off, each participant walked out with a small container of freshly made edibles.

Chicken wraps at Daddy Jones Bar...well...wrapped up the tour around 7:00pm. As the tourists took a seat, owner Dimitra Tsouranis-Murphy explained the Greek-inspired restaurant offerings, as well as, her plans to put patio seating behind the 525 Medford Street location. All participants of the tour were also treated to $10 gift cards to ensure a return back to the Square. 

 For my Twitter friends, you can follow the tour using #TourDeMagoun or by checking out the official Ward 5 Online Twitter handle: @Ward5Online.


Amber said...

I got to virtually observe this tour and see the tail end of it at Daddy Jones and it looked like so much fun! I'd love to see this happen again, people need to realize how AWESOME Magoun Square is!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amber!