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Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Word Around the Ward

The City of Somerville raised the Pride Flag on May 29th, kicking off the start to June's Gay Pride Month! It was a great event, but what was even better was being reassured that the teacher who, snidely, told me I was not allowed to use my phone to snap pictures of 2013's flag raising was absolutely wrong in doing so. After speaking with one High School official, it turns out that the opposite is true. Attendees are more than welcome to take pictures of Elected Officials and, of course, of the rainbow colors, themselves, as they are raised to the sky alongside the other flags that fly on the concourse. I hope that teacher has since learned her lesson and now knows that we can all celebrate and commemorate these moments!

Spotted in Magoun Square was former Ward 5 Alderman Sean O'Donovan having a nice dinner with his wife and a friend on Tuesday night. Also spotted was Elizabeth Warren's main man, Roger Lau, jogging through Somerville's best business district. 

The streets are abuzz with rumors about the upcoming budget season and how one Alderman will be aiming for certain City employees. The word around the ward is that former elected officials now employed with the City will be on the chopping block and that the Communications Department will, once again, be the main target for, at least, 4 of the BOA members. The DPW and the Council on Aging are also rumored to be in hot water. 

It was a packed house at Sabur on Tuesday night as Ward 4 resident, Christine Barber, kicked off her campaign for the Representative seat formally held by Carl Sciortino. I would like to thank Christine and Lee Palmer for the personal invitation I received to, not only attend, but cover the campaign on my website. Although it's Ward 5 focused (Christine would rep Wards 4 and 7 if elected), I do have many residents, city-wide, that read the site. 

A BIG Happy Birthday to Kelsey Roth, formally of Ward 5, but still frequent patron of Magoun Square. 

New trash bins will be delivered this month courtesy of the City of Somerville. They prevent infiltration from four-legged rats and are big enough for disposal of two-legged rats.

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