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Monday, June 2, 2014

Trash Carts Roll Out This Month

Beginning this week, City contractors will start delivery of one new 64-gallon, wheeled trash cart free of charge to each household that currently receives free residential trash pickup from the City. The new carts are part of the City's efforts to control the rodent population and to reduce solid waste. 

The new carts must be placed curbside with the lid tightly closed to avoid a possible ticket and fine. Households producing more trash than will fit in the cart may place overflow trash curbside in your current trash barrel, without a lid. 

Please remember that while stored on your property, all trash bins must be covered securely. More than 85% of households should be able to fit all trash in the new trash cart. Please continue to place recycling in your blue Zero-Sort cart.

Delivery of the carts will proceed from East Somerville to West Somerville, and will take approximately four weeks to complete. Once received, residents are urged to clearly mark the cart with their address and unit number. 

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