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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Word Around The Ward

According to the Somerville Times, there will be a showdown for the Pay to Play ordinance that the Board of Aldermen recently approved with a 7-4 vote. September will be the month and I will be there to cover it. Feel free to comment your thoughts below.

Happy Birthday to Ward 5ers Ryan Dillon and Erin Meiman!

Daddy Jones Bar will be before the Licensing Commission on July 21st for their request to extend their license to a patio just approved by the ZBA. The patio is slated to be open to the public by summer 2015.

Just a reminder to the residents of Magoun Square to keep valuables out of view if you leave them in your car as a perp was scared off the other morning trying to grab some change out of resident's truck. 

Also a reminder to keep sending your trash data to ResiStat, so they can log it and adjust the uniform trash program if needed.

Artbeat will be occupying Davis Square this weekend starting at 6pm on Friday July 18th. For the full schedule, check out the Somerville Arts Council Website!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ALL citizens should not have to be reminded to keep valuables out of view but also to lock their vehicles; including when parked in their own driveways.

Not too long ago I left my car, unlocked, in my driveway.
I had nothing of value visible; but all my parking meter quarters (not visible) in my closed console were stolen.

And by the way; as my friend learned years ago:if you leave your vehicle unlocked and it's stolen; and you are honest about your insurance carrier that the vehicle was unlocked; they will not honor your claim.