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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Word Around the Ward

Arts at the Armory will be hosting some great drop-in arts and crafts activities for kids throughout July and August on Sunday 8/10, 1-4pm and Saturday 8/23, 1-4pm. They will also have a Free paint/collage/writing workshop for ages 11-15 on August 19th from 3:30pm - 5pm with registration ending for this on August 14th. Check out other July events at the Armory!

The Somerville Sunsetters continue their performaces around the City throughout the summer months. Check out their schedule and catch a performance!

Could one prominent member of the Board of Aldermen not be looking for re-election in 2015? This is the word around one ward that may continue the Board's evolution into the next election cycle.

Congratulations go out to the Somerville Arts Council, artists, musicians, businesses and participants of this year's Artbeat! 

Happy Birthday to Ward 5er Sarah Shugars and overall awesome SomerVillen Janine White Duffy!


Anonymous said...

Probably not one of the two I would like to see go. Ah well.


Anonymous said...

I heard the same thing about a boa member. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out...