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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tree Lovers Rejoice...Somerville to Plant 575 More Trees!

You may have seen the sticks in a jack-hammered line on sidewalks around the City, or even been woken up by the jack-hammers, themselves (lovely, isn't it). Well, today's press release from Dan DeMaina makes sense of it all...Somerville is plantin' some trees!

After planting over 500 between 2010 and 2012, the City is looking to plant another 575 on it's way to 2,000 total by the end of 2015. Please call 311 if you would like a tree planted near you!

As for those sidewalk stakes, DeMaina writes, "First crews make sure the proposed tree pit will work and meets certain criteria before cutting around the full pit, and then jackhammering a small strip marked with stakes to avoid the tripping hazard created if the whole sidewalk slab is dug up and left sitting before the tree is planted. Workers will return in July with a backhoe and tree, lifting up the entire slab and planting the tree."


Anonymous said...

I hope, wherever they put in a new tree, that they take into consideration the fact that every tree will eventually become full grown;and when full grown will not create problems for pedistrians and property owners.

All too often trees planted in the past have grown to become big problems because they were placed where a tree never should of been planted on a Somerville sidewalk.

My street is an example of several trees that became a problem, and still a problem, for both property owners and pedistrians.

In one case, a person pushing a baby carriage, cannot get by on the sidewalk, and forced to the street gutter.

Another: a property owner's chain link fence up-ended by tree roots.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and also trees were planted, and still exist, on sidewalks that were all too narrow in width to start with, due to the existing street being narrower than normal; the western portion of Alpine Street, from Cedar to Princeton, being a prime examaple.